For years, the countries of Dracburn and Dorland were at peace. Everything changed when Dracburn’s king mysteriously died. Seemingly overnight, Dracburn militarized and began annexing large chunks of Dorland. Blind-sided, Dorland was unable to build a large enough army to oppose Dracburn until it was too late. Within a year, Dracburn had completely taken over Dorland lands in a near-bloodless victory. The many former members, however, are displeased with the change in leadership, as Dracburn rules their former allies with an iron fist. Militias have been force-ably disbanded, ‘replaced’ by Dracburn army platoons, weapons larger then a dagger are now illegal without a special (and hard to get) permit, non-humans severely curtailed, and the practice of magic has been outlawed unless performed ‘for the good of Dracburn’. Now forced to live as slaves, many non-humans are rumored to have formed a resistance movement, aided by mages, ex-militiamen, and even common criminals.

This campaign uses a homebrew d20 system that is still a work-in-progress.

Rise From Dust